Cara’s Story

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I had always considered myself healthy – until I wasn’t…  In my forties my health began to decline and I couldn’t find an answer that didn’t involve surgery or drugs.  I wanted to find a lasting solution that supported my body in a way that was nourishing and natural.  I had a hard time finding the answers that I wanted until I found a practitioner trained in Nutrition Response Testing.  What the practitioner was saying resonated with me and I began to have hope that maybe I wouldn’t have to live in the broken body I now had.  Once I began feeding my body the nutrients it needed and changing my diet my health began to turn around.  It worked so well I have now dedicated my life to helping others open the door to a new healthy version of themselves.  In my mid-forties I have more energy and strength than I had a decade ago.  I truly feel renewed in mind and body.

Cara is a graduate of the University Of Connecticut School Of Nursing. She also holds a bachelor’s of science in exercise physiology from Arizona State University. She has worked in the health field for the last 25 years as an exercise physiologist and nurse.  She has additional education in nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing through Ulan Nutritional Systems.  She is a seven time Ironman triathlon finisher, mother of two and passionate about connecting with nature.


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