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You deserve to live without constantly worrying about your bowels.

IBS flare-ups completely control your life right now.

You dread vacations or anything that might upset the routine you need to keep things “under control.”

It’s an embarrassing topic to talk about with others. You feel alone and isolated with this problem.

Last week you had to cancel a dinner you were excited about because you were stuck in the bathroom. (Not to mention how tiring the constant lying is.)

Your life feels out of your control.

You’ve tried everything, but nothing works.

Powders, ginger, psyllium, cleanses, enemas, diets, Kegels, gastroenterologists – the only effect they seem to have is on your wallet.

You’re so tired of getting handed more medication without lasting results.

The medication feels like a Band-Aid, but it never addresses the underlying issues.

Your body needs real support.

Functional nutrition gives you the tools to live your life free of the bathroom.

Using whole food supplements and diet modification, I’ll help your body get regular again by supporting your foundational health.

Nutrients are the building blocks necessary to make new cells in your body. Without the right ingredients to build new cells, your body won’t ever function normally.

I use a two-step approach to support healthy body function – Nutrition Response Testing® and diet modification.

Stop guessing what might work

Nutrition Response Testing® identifies the root cause of your digestive challenges and creates a personalized supplement program giving your body the tools it needs to work right.

The testing can also identify triggers to your IBS like certain foods, stress, or immune challenges.

No diets or elaborate meal prep

Diet modification starts with what you are eating right now – no diets, counting calories, or portion sizes. Instead…

Each week you will be given a goal based on what you are already eating. Focusing on one action step makes diet modification easy and successful.

I also account for your lifestyle and choices. I work with you making your action steps something you can accomplish and feel good about.

This is your opportunity to live a free and healthy life.

Picture yourself without IBS – what would change in your life if this monster didn’t live with you 24/7? A life without IBS is full of possibilities you don’t want to miss out on. You deserve so much more.

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