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Cara is a graduate of the University Of Connecticut School Of Nursing, as well as a bachelor’s of science in exercise physiology from Arizona State University. She has additional training in whole food nutrition and holds the prestigious title of; Advanced Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner through Ulan Nutritional Systems. She has worked in the health field for the last 25 years and is committed to helping others live healthier happier lives through nutrition.

Changing lives with nutrition.

Complimentary Nutrition Consult

Have questions? Book a complimentary consult to discuss your case and determine if you are a candidate for our program. This service can be done in-office or on the phone.

Health Assessment

Ready to get started now? A health assessment is the first step. During this 45 min. consult Cara will discuss your case with you in depth. Noninvasive testing is done at this appointment that include; body fat, heart rate variability, oral pH and a calcium cuff test. Other tests are done if necessary. This appointment is in two parts. The health assessment is followed by a report of findings. In this appointment your health assessment findings are explained and your plan to move forward is discussed.

COVID-19 (Immune Health Evaluation)

Looking to support your immune system? In this special evaluation we will make a plan for you to boost your immunity naturally with simple and easy to implement lifestyle changes and whole food supplements or herbs based on your personal profile.

Corporate Wellness & Nutrition

Would you like to have happier employees? Invest in a corporate wellness program or workshop that supports positive lifestyle changes and makes happier employees with fewer sick days and injuries.

Contact us via phone or email to start a conversation.

Master Classes

Looking to master your nutrition? We offer classes on whole food nutrition, whole body detoxing, as well as a detoxing class for your home!


Looking for a speaker for your next group or club meeting? Cara offers fun and informative workshops that are tailored to your group’s interests.

For more information contact via phone or email.

You will never regret getting healthier.

Cara Joseph

Start living vibrantly today!

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