Sports Nutrition

Don’t let injuries keep you out of the game.

You were born to compete, and you are good at it. You’ve been playing [fill in the blank] since you were a kid; it’s a part of who you are – your identity.

Sitting on the sidelines when you’re injured is so painful – you feel like you are not only failing yourself but your teammates as well.

Lately, it seems like you get injured more often, and the recovery is longer every time. You know that once you need surgery, you may never be the same player again – and the rehab is agony.

How long can you keep this up? Are your years numbered in this sport? You may not be a pro athlete forever, but you don’t need to leave your sport as a broken athlete.

The proper nutrition helps you stay in the game.

Sports are very demanding on the body, and nutrient intake must be optimal to perform at your best – without injury.

An injury will occur if your body is constantly in an inflammatory state from the foods you eat or can’t repair because it lacks the proper nutrients. Most likely, you will eventually need surgery.

If you take your sports seriously, it’s time to take your nutrition seriously, too. A racecar gets special fuel to perform correctly – your body is no different. I use Nutrition Response Testing® (muscle testing) to discover what nutrients your body needs.

After this assessment, I will develop a personalized nutrient program to support your high level of functioning. Lastly, I will evaluate your diet and make changes based on your needs and current training goals.

Not all supplements offer the right solution.

Are you already taking supplements? Do you know the source of those vitamins listed on the back of the bottle? The chances are that you have no idea.

Many vitamins do not represent whole food complexes (vitamins that occur in nature from food), and those types of nutrients cause more harm than good.

Synthetic vitamins (stuff made in a lab) or isolated vitamins (isolated from nature but no longer natural) are not what you find in nature. As a result, your body can’t use all the nutrients and either excretes them or uses them in a way that causes imbalances in the body.

Furthermore, vitamin companies don’t have to list the source of their vitamins. This sounds incredible but true.

Grab a vitamin bottle right now and take a look. It will list all the types of vitamins but not their sources.

If the ingredients were listed, you might not buy them. Many vitamins come from things like petroleum, coal tar, and genetically modified corn. These are just some of the sources of isolated vitamins – not to mention what is in your synthetic vitamins (fumaric acid, formaldehyde, benzene from acetylene gas, and other bad stuff).

By the way, you will never know if they are synthetics or isolates, as that does not need to be listed on your vitamin bottle either!

Having nutrients from natural sources like carrots, wheatgrass, and radishes that your body can absorb and effectively utilize will keep you performing at your best.

Keep playing with less fear of injury.

Supplements from whole foods are what your body needs to stay balanced. A body in balance is one less prone to injury.

If you want to keep performing at your highest level, you must have the proper nutrition program.

As a whole food nutritionist, nurse, and exercise physiologist, I have the tools to keep you running like a race car.

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