Meet Our Staff

Shelly Laibrandt, RN

Functional Nutrition & Nutrition Response Testing

Shelly has been caring for patients as a nurse for the past 30 years. She incorporates her nursing experience into her nutrition practice helping people restore and maintain health with nutrition.

Hali Ballantyne, HHC

Holistic Health Coaching

Hali is a certified Holistic Health Coach who is passionate about all things food. She got her health coaching certification to help others navigate the food industry and figure out what works best for them and now she thrives on working with clients to balance eating well with busy schedules. Hali offers different sessions that she tailors to her clients needs which include nutrition and weight loss, life coaching, and health coaching.

At a crossroads in your life or just stuck in a rut?  Hali can help guide you to a better place. Life coaching sessions help you take a deep dive into your life’s purpose, goals and dreams and create a roadmap to get there.

Cara Joseph, RN, CCWFN

Functional Nutrition & Nutrition Response Testing

Cara is a nurse, exercise physiologist, whole foods nutritionist, as well as an advanced practitioner of Nutrition Response Testing. She is committed to keeping and maintaining health, naturally, using nutrition. She sees adults and children to support and improve body function using nutrition. Her specialties include sports nutrition, digestive health, cardiac health, diabetes (type 1&2), endocrine support and pediatric nutrition. Cara is a homeschooling mother of 2, passionate about nutritional based healthcare and enjoys reading and cycling in her spare time.

Eileen Gustavson

Front Desk / Administrative

Eileen is the first person you see when you come through our doors. She makes everyone feel welcome and at home at our office. Behind the scenes Eileen is the commander and chief of all things administrative and is the grease that keeps us going.