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Her life revolves around her digestion.

She stays frustrated by conflicting advice from doctors and friends.

Despite following her doctor’s advice, her IBS is getting worse.

Nothing she has tried helps.

Lori wants to stop constantly worrying about her bowel habits and get on with her life. She knows what she is doing isn’t working and something must change.

It came out of nowhere.

At 55, life should be getting easier.

Bob was just at the doctor and had received a clean bill of health.

How could this have happened?

On more medication than ever – Bob feels tired and rundown.

Bob is looking forward to retiring and enjoying the good life but wonders if he will get to enjoy his retirement feeling so horrible.

Unless something changes, he won’t have the energy to mow his lawn, much less play with his grandkids or take his wife on that cruise she keeps talking about.

Diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten, Logan has a hard time focusing at school and always seems to be in trouble.

Despite medication, Logan just doesn’t seem to be getting better. In fact, some days it seems like the situation is getting worse.

His parents just want their beautiful boy back.

Logan just wants to fit in with the other kids. He wishes he was better at school and had more friends, but he just keeps getting in trouble. His parents want their adorable son back, but how?

Reinjured despite her training efforts, Sue is constantly in and out of the doctor’s office – living on anti-inflammatory meds.

Sue wants to get back to competing. She is too young to have her dreams taken from her – there must be another way. Frustrated and defeated – will her body ever mend and perform again?

If food is wrong, medication is of no use. If food is right, medication is of no need.

– Ayurvedic

The right nutrition makes all the difference.

Lori, Bob, Logan, and Sue’s lives were impacted by their health. Nutrition Response Testing® made all the difference, unlocking the root cause of their issues. They were all able to achieve better health using whole food supplements and diet modification and feel amazing without the use of medication or surgery.

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Lori made an appointment and committed to putting in the work necessary to change her health naturally without drugs. It took time to change her diet, but Lori was surprised at how easy it was to change with the proper coaching.

Now, she can’t believe how horribly she was eating and what an impact it made on her IBS. She doesn’t wake up anymore, dreading her day and what her bowels will decide to do. Now, she can rely on her body to function consistently.

Bob was concerned at the first visit that he would be living on broccoli and chicken. He was pleasantly surprised to find out that wasn’t the case. In fact, there was no diet involved – instead he focused on goals set for him each week based on his individual needs and preferences.

Bob now has the energy to play with his grandkids and go on that cruise with his wife.

Logan’s parents were committed from the start believing there had to be an alternative to the drugs Logan was taking. Logan is now drug free and excelling at school. He has joined the soccer team (something he didn’t have the attention for before).

For his parents, the joy of having their son back is priceless.

Sue had to work at getting her body back, but she wouldn’t have done it any other way, knowing what she knows now. What a difference some simple nutrients and changing her diet made – a complete game-changer.

Sue is back to competing and can rely on her body now.

*Names changed to protect client confidentiality.

Cara Joseph

Nutritionist/RN, CCWFN

I was my first client. I know what you are struggling with and how hard it can be to change.

I am here to coach you back to health – one goal at a time. There will be no diet to follow. Rather, I will set weekly goals that create action and change in your health.

You will never regret getting healthy, but you will regret never taking the first steps to get there.

I work with children and adults supporting

Nutrition Response Testing® –

Nutrition Response Testing® takes the guess work out of what supplements your body needs. This is a simple noninvasive test using your body’s energy. The results of the testing guide nutrient recommendations or other lifestyle changes necessary to regain health. If you are interested in getting healthy naturally and supporting your body systematically vs. guessing, you have found the right place.

You will never regret getting healthier!