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Whole Food Nutrition

You are what you eat – but what is good and what is bad and how do you stop eating the bad stuff?  I work from what you are currently eating and make small manageable changes each week.  You are also taught along the way on what is best for your body and situation.  No two people are alike and therefor no two programs look alike.  I believe a good program should fit into your life verses changing your life to fit the program.

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition response testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine underlying causes of non-optimal health.  Through nutrition response testing a practitioner can also determine specific nutritional deficiencies of an individual.

Whole Food Supplements and Herbals

High quality whole food supplements.  Whole food supplements are just that, food.  These supplements come from food and are made with minimal processing.  This includes drying ingredients at low temperatures to preserve their nutrient content.
High quality herbals backed by scientific research for their potency and action.
Herbal blends made specific to your needs.


A detoxification based on whole food supplements that decreases the toxic load in the entire body.

Corporate Wellness Workshops

Corporate wellness workshops designed to augment existing wellness programs.


Wellness workshops for groups and clubs looking to gain more knowledge on a variety of health and wellness topics with a focus on nutrition.

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