Diet Modification

Frustration increases – and the weight stays the same.

You look in the mirror and wonder how it got this bad – where did that body go that you had when you were 20?

Stepping on the scale means facing this reality – you don’t even want to know the number.

Are you feeling trapped and frustrated, wondering if you are broken somehow?

Despite trying countless diets, supplements, and food combinations, everything ends up being more work added to your already hectic schedule, and the weight still doesn’t come off. You think, “Maybe this is part of who I am?”

Maybe not…

Stop the frustration and try a new approach.

You aren’t broken, but you do need someone to be your champion and guide you through the maze of what to eat.

My approach to diet modification is unlike anything you have ever experienced – but it is the most effective! Instead of counting calories, portion sizes, or grams of whatever, you will learn what foods you should be eating.

If you are eating the right types of food, you naturally don’t overeat. Have you ever overindulged yourself on kale salad or broccoli? Probably not, but we have all eaten too many chips or ice cream.

I focus on what you eat vs. counting aspects of your food intake that doesn’t focus on the food itself. You leave each appointment with a weekly goal. This goal puts you in control of something you can handle.

Gain the right tools to keep the weight off.

Most of us can change if done in chunks – failure happens when we try to do it all at once.

No one ever stays on a diet because it’s not sustainable. I will teach you the tools to eat right one step at a time – creating lasting change that is easy to accomplish no matter how busy you are.

Changing your diet can be challenging, and I am here to hold your hand through the process. My approach is supportive and nonjudgmental.

I am here to help you consider what you are eating and why, creating a plan that works for you because you are unique and special.