Digestive Support with Nutrition

Nothing seems to soothe your uncooperative body.

The day has barely begun, and you can feel your stomach knotting up.

You’d like to curl up on the couch and skip today. Instead, you have a presentation at work, kids who need breakfast, and a thousand things on your to-do list. As you get dressed and start your day, you think, “Why can’t my body cooperate for once?”

Bowel habits are the last thing you want to talk about but the first thing on your mind constantly.

You’ve tried so many things, but nothing seems to help. While feeling depleted, you reach for coffee and drag yourself into the day, thinking there must be a better way.

Proper nutrition increases your body’s cooperation.

You’re right; you shouldn’t feel like this. If you are open and willing to try something new, Nutrition Response Testing® (muscle testing) is the key to getting back on track.

I use muscle testing to determine if there is anything that may be irritating the digestive system, such as problematic foods, toxins, immune challenges, and scars on your skin that affect energetic flow. Muscle testing is also used to determine what parts of your body and digestive system need nutritional support.

After testing, I will create a personalized program of whole food supplements to support healthy body function. Many different organs influence your digestion, and they all must be working correctly to stay regular – like an orchestra playing in harmony together.

Using medication is a quick fix. But if you don’t address the underlying cause, things will only get worse. And then what?

Let’s get your body working cooperatively.

The only thing that will support your body to rejuvenate itself is nutrients. Receiving the right nutrients is why whole food supplements are a must.

Starting from where you are now, I will work with you to modify your diet, focusing on one change each week.

There are no diets to follow or calories to count – just focusing on the food on your plate and making sure that it is right for you.

Are you ready to tackle your digestive issues once and for all? You will never regret getting healthier naturally.

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