Nutrition Response Testing®

Advertised supplements fail to solve your problem.

An ad pops up on TV about a supplement to reduce inflammation – it looks amazing, and the testimonials convince you to pick up the phone and buy it.

Purchasing TV supplements isn’t the first time you’ve bought something on a whim, hoping it would be the answer. Maybe this time it will work.

For now, you still rely on medication but know it’s not the answer. Your body isn’t getting better, but what other option is there?

Is it all downhill from here? It doesn’t have to be.

Let your body tell the story.

Nutrition Response Testing® (AKA – muscle testing) is a way of using the body’s energy to tell its story – it’s like having a body scanner to look inside you.

When you come into the office, I use muscle testing to determine weak body areas – weird but cool.

Your body is so smart that it can detect when someone touches an already challenged area of the body. For instance, pushing on an arm or leg will cause a lessening in strength and response time.

Does this work?

Reading the energy around you is something you do every day instinctively.

Basking in a sunny window – instinctively, your body knows sunlight is good for it and wants to be in that sunny window (at least until you get too hot). A warm hug from someone you love – ooh, does that feel good. Coming across someone who is having a bad day – doesn’t feel so good.

During all these events, your body reads the energy from your environment and determines whether it is good or bad.

Here’s a little test.

Grab a friend and have them push on your outstretched arm. You should be able to keep your arm strong. Try holding a jug of bleach or jar of sugar against your body and have your friend push on your arm. The response time and strength of your arm will change – cool, right?

Your body is amazing. Given the proper nutrients, it can do more than read what’s good and bad, but also repair and maintain you.

The last time you cut yourself, it healed. You cut your nails and hair, and they grow back. You get the picture!

All the cells in your body are constantly dying and regenerating at a specific rate – the ingredients to make new cells come from natural nutrients.

Give your body the nutrients it needs.

The body only uses naturally occurring nutrients (i.e., what is in our food or supplements made from whole food). More than likely, the supplements sold on TV are not made from whole foods but synthetic or altered from their natural state (isolates).

That’s right! Synthetic or isolated nutrients can cause more harm than good, and too much of one thing can create an imbalance of something else. Often, the body needs something other than more nutrients.

I also determine stressors to the body that can be making it sick. Stressors are anything that creates stress to the body – certain foods, immune challenges, heavy metals, chemicals, and scars on the skin’s surface.

Rather than TV supplements, try something new.

All this talk about energy can seem overwhelming and foreign. My approach to addressing your health might be very different than what you are used to thinking.

But if you are open and ready for a change from what you have been doing, Nutrition Response Testing® can transform your health.

If changing what you eat and using whole food concentrates like beets and buckwheat can make you feel better, why not try it? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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