Functional Nutrition

Doctor’s visits alone don’t necessarily improve your health.

A date pops up on your phone to remind you of your next doctor’s appointment. A sense of dread washes over you.

Here we go again – another yearly check-up that results in not feeling better, getting brushed off, or more medication.

You leave appointments feeling unheard, frustrated, and uncertain of your future health status.

You find yourself at a crossroads, wondering if there is a better way to become healthy than through injections, pills, and accepting that getting older means feeling worse. Depressing thought, but what other choice do you have?

Your cells rely on proper nutrients.

You do have a choice between sickness and health – and you deserve better.

Every second, cells are dying off in your body. Each organ has a specific rate of die-off and new cell growth. Did you know that the cells lining your stomach turn over about every five days! WOW – amazing!

The only ingredients to make new cells are nutrients.

Think about this for a minute. If you can only make new cells from the nutrients available, and your diet lacks what you need, how does this impact the function of your body and overall health?

Not getting the proper nutrients leads to poor health.

Over time, nutritional deficiencies create considerable problems in the body. In addition, stressors like chemicals, infections, troublesome foods, and external scars,cause energetic imbalances and create real trouble for your body.

Chronic disease doesn’t happen overnight but rather over decades.

Your body is like your house. Nothing significant will happen if you don’t maintain it for a few years, but you’ll eventually have some real issues if unattended for decades. Your body is the same way.

Maintain your body’s health holistically.

You may be thinking – I’m already taking vitamins and still don’t feel good! However, what you are taking may not be the right nutrients for your body, and not all vitamins are created equal.

Most vitamins offered over the counter or from a prescription are synthetic, and your body does not process synthetic vitamins in the same way that it processes vitamins from natural products.

Your body also does not absorb synthetic vitamins in the same way as vitamins from food concentrates, often creating more harm than good.

In contrast to synthetic vitamins, whole food concentrates come from foods rich in the vitamins that your body needs. These concentrates represent vitamins in a form that your body can absorb and use effectively.

Nutrients in your food are always grouped in a complex of many things. This is important because your body needs all the piece parts of the complex to get into your cells and benefit you.

For example, the vitamin C complex in a pepper contains phytonutrients, enzymes, co-enzymes, ascorbigen, bioflavonoid complexes, P factors, K factors, J factors, tyrosinase, and ascorbic acid – WOW, that’s a lot! The ascorbic acid is the outside wrapper of the vitamin C complex (a small fraction of what is inside the wrapper). When you buy vitamin C as ascorbic acid, it’s like buying eggshells without the egg inside – who wants that? Ultimately you end up wasting a lot of money!

Listening to your body’s needs is the first step.

As a nurse, I have learned to listen to patients through the years – you know your body best! There are no cookie-cutter plans; each client is unique with an individualized program. I will work with you to create a nutrition program tailored to your specific needs.

I start with Nutrition Response Testing®, a noninvasive approach that helps me identify where your body needs support. Using your body’s neurological feedback, I can identify weak areas and support them to function better using whole food concentrates.

Based on the results of the Nutrition Response Testing®, I will design a program of food-based supplements to support healthy body function and rejuvenation.

Functional nutrition with whole food supplements is by far the best way to ensure a healthy future and a happy life.

Contact me today, so I can help your body regain its health.